Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
____breast reconstruction
____ breast reduction
____tissue expansion
____implant exchange
____nipple/areolar reconstruction
____scar revisions
____nasal reconstruction
____hernia repair

Aesthetic Surgery
____ endoscopic forehead lift
____ lesion excision
____ liposuction
____ abdominoplasty
____ breast augmentation
____body lift and contouring

Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
____ tendon repairs
____ surgery of the hand
____ carpal tunnel

Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)
____endoscopic sinus surgery
____functional rhinoplasty
____airway procedures for sleep apnea and snoring

____flexible sigmoidoscopy

____hammertoe repair
____foot and ankle surgery

Vascular Surgery
____minimally invasive varicose vein surgery
____shunt placement

General Surgery
____hernia repair
____breast biopsy
____lesion removal

Pain Management
____epidural steroid injections
____joint and facet injections
____manipulations under anesthesia (MUA)

Oral Surgery
____surgery of the mandible
____dental extractions
____dental implants
____TMJ surgery

____tubal ligation
____laparoscopic surgery
____Essure tubal sterilization
____D & C
____cosmetic labiaplasty
____ cervical biopsy